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What We Do

MWL ADVISORY typically provides consulting assistance through four primary service lines: contract audits; construction claims and damages; commercial litigation matters; and accounting and forensic investigations. Included within the primary service lines are numerous sub-specialty practices. Examples of our service lines and related sub-specialty practices include, but are not limited to, the following:

Contract Audits

  • Cost Reimbursable Contracts

  • GC/CM Contracting

  • EC/CM and MC/CM Contracting

  • Adherence to Contract Billing Types (e.g. Allowance, Lump-Sum, Unit-Price, Change Order)

Construction Claims and Damages

  • Claim Reviews

  • Change Order Pricing Review for Ongoing Projects

  • Delay and Disruption

  • Lost Labor Productivity

  • Extended Site and Home Office Overhead

  • Project Contract Development Assistance

  • Project Management and Controls Assistance

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Commercial Litigation Matters

  • Breach of Contract

  • Real Estate Valuation and Disputes

  • Securities Litigation

  • Intellectual Property Damages

  • Loss of Profits and Other Economic Damages

  • Dealer Termination

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Accounting and Forensic Investigations

  • Accountant Liability and Accounting Restatements

  • Misappropriation of Assets

  • Fraud Analysis

  • Funds Tracing

  • Corporate Veil / Alter Ego

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