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Project Management and Controls Assistance


MWL personnel have been asked on many occasions to provide assistance to public and private owners with project management and controls.  These requests have come in a variety of forms, but frequently commence with our being asked to review a contract and provide input with respect to consistency, clarity, and measurement and documentation criteria.  We work with such clients to ensure that change provisions comport with the intent of the owner for payment, assuring internal consistency exists, and reviewing audit clauses to allow for expedited review of project records when claims arise.  We have moved from those roles into offering advice on controls over disbursements, the processing of pay applications, segregation of duties, and control over physical assets.  We have a wide variety of experiences in the area, and have reviewed the records of numerous parties, leaving us with clear impressions of what works, what does not work, and why.  When asked, we provide these insights to our clients. 

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