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Construction Claims, Damages, Contract Audits & Related Services



On a daily basis, our personnel assist public owners, private owners, and contractors with the review and analysis of the financial aspects of construction claims for damages.  We are proud of our geographic reach, having worked on construction claims on projects situated throughout the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, as well as several matters on the east coast, and projects in various countries of the Pacific Rim.


MWL personnel are involved with the audit of construction contracts or review of claims on a near daily basis, assisting private and public owners evaluate billings on cost-reimbursable projects.  We have recently assisted school districts and universities as well as private parties with the review of billings on guaranteed maximum price projects, including those with negotiated support services and specified general conditions amounts.  We bring clarity to the meaning of contract terms, from a financial perspective, to identify “industry practice” based upon our continuous involvement in current and cutting edge projects.

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