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Loss of Profits and Other Economic Damages


MWL personnel have been involved in numerous disputes in which damages claims have involved the computation of lost profits, including breach of contract, misrepresentation of claims and tort-related claims.  In one case, MWL personnel were asked to respond to a lost profits damages claim in which a producer of meat products claimed that its contracted supplier failed to deliver specified quantities of bulk meat.  In successful defense of that claim, MWL personnel extensively analyzed the operations of the manufacturer to determine the extent, if any, of impact on business operations from the alleged failure of the defendant to supply bulk meat, as well as to incorporate the concept of cover, which was ignored by the plaintiffs. 


In another case, we were asked to provide expert services to a bottled drink distributor, which  claimed  lost  profits  as  a result of a contract bottler's defective bottling process.  MWL has assisted counsel in many

lost profits claims involving alleged misrepresentations related to business sales.  Our work in these matters involved identifying causal links to the alleged misrepresentations and then to make calculations of related economic damages.

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