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2955 80th Ave SE Suite 201

Mercer Island, WA 98040

Direct: (206) 462-6302

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  • Senior Consultant, MWL Advisory, LLC 

  • Staff Consultant, MWL Advisory, LLC (2015 - 2017)

  • Data Analyst, MRW Advisory, LLC (2009-2014)



  • B.S., Applied Audio Engineering, Art Institute of Seattle (2012)

  • Data Analysis and Software Application

  • Certified Construction Auditor (CCA)

Jon R. Maus has ten years experience with the MWL team, with more than seven years of that experience in contract audit, forensic accounting, and business litigation consulting. Joining the team in 2009, Mr. Maus’ areas of emphasis have evolved from initial clerical tasking into presently supervising the auditing of construction contract billings and cost accumulations, and active analysis of claims in construction and commercial matters in dispute.

Professional Experience

Mr. Maus’ experience includes analyzing project costs and construction claims for public owners, private owners, and contractors on over sixty engagements.  He’s worked with fixed price contracts, guranteed maximum price contracts, cost reimbursable contracts, and contracts containing combinations of fixed price, allowance, and unit price elements.  As examples, Mr. Maus assisted in the audit of a $26 million construction project, utilizing sampling techniques to maximize cost-efficient audit coverage; participated in the audit of a $98 million construction project billed under a hybrid contract; and assisted in the audit of a cost reimbursable contract valued at approximately $100 million, which included the review of such costs at they related to the entity’s financial statements, contract payment applications, job cost reports, and supporting invoices, timecards, and related wage, fringe, and burden rates. 

Mr. Maus has also reviewed and analyzed claims for added compensation for labor, equipment, materials, standby effects, and job site and home office overhead.  He has performed cost overrun analyses, analyzed claims for damages for both owners and contractors, and evaluated contract and financial documentation to determine compliance.

Mr. Maus has also participated in reviews of work processes and internal controls for a major public agency building a light rail system in the Puget Sound area.

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