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2955 80th Ave SE Suite 201

Mercer Island, WA 98040

Direct: (206) 515-2380

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  • Managing Consultant, MWL Advisory, LLC

  • Senior Consultant, MRW Advisory, LLC

  • Asst. Controller, Retail Division Manager, Northwest Building Corporation

  • Auditor, Arthur Anderson & Co. 



  • B.A., Accounting, Gonzaga University (1985)

  • Certified Public Accountant, State of Washington

Carolyn Sullivan, CPA, is a Managing Consultant with our firm.  Carolyn has worked with Ron Maus and Bob Wagner since the mid-1980s, on and off, as she has taken time to raise a family and has worked part-time and as a subcontracted consultant to us at various times.  Ms. Sullivan has more than thirty years of experience in accounting, having served as a Staff and Managing Auditor with a former “Big 6” accounting firm.  She has worked extensively with our team on the evaluation of claims being made on the Alaska Way Viaduct Replacement Project and augments our construction audit team as needed.

Professional Experience

Carolyn Sullivan graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Accounting.  As noted, she is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Washington.  She first worked with Ron Maus and Bob Wagner at the same firm in the mid-1980s, and has returned to work with our firm over the last several years.  Ms. Sullivan’s construction experience includes both audits of Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contracts and claim analysis working with both public and private owners and contractors in analyzing construction claims.  Carolyn has worked extensively with our team on the evaluation of claims being made on the Alaska Way Viaduct Replacement Project.  On that project, she partipated in the analysis of claims for delay, extended overhead, and acceleration, and has contributed extensively to the audit of costs and the largest construction claims ever seen in the State of Washington.

Ms. Sullivan also has contract audit experience and has participated on audits of cost-reimbursable contracts, whether as part of a General Contractor / Construction Manager form, where GMP contracts, and Maximum Allowable Contract Cost or Maximum Allowable Subcontract Cost [“MASC”] in the case of Electrical Contractor / Construction Manager or Mechanical Contractor / Construction Manager models being employed.  Ms. Sullivan has worked on the audits cost-reimbursable contracts for a major local public agency and has contributed to our contract audit efforts related to various school district construction projects in the Seattle area.

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